hello there...I just discovered this and I have to say, you are awesome! I definitely will be contributing to your documentary with a vlog sometime in the near future. But I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I admire you and this project. I myself have had ideas to study Nerdfighteria as a culture created through online social media. Other than the vlog, do you need help in any other way? DFTBA - Kayla (from Canada)

Why thank you kind person! Can’t wait to see your vlog! We’re looking for people to join our Social Media Team and help us spread the word! So if you’re interested in that, feel free to email us at nerdfightersdocumentary@gmail.com for more info!

My name is Kayla too! (from ‘Merica)

I just want to say that I think that this is absolutely incredible. Nerdfighteria has completely changed my life and I think it is so amazing when we all come together like this to help decrease world suck. I've already planned on submitting a vlog and I am going to spread the word the best I can. I wish you the best of luck :)

Thanks so much!

when is the deadline to submit?

There is not currently a deadline, but we have started the editing process and plan to be finished by this December, so the sooner you submit your vlog the better chance you’ll have of making it into the film! 




We tell you about VidCon, YOU TELL US YOUR STORY! :) Deal?

Do y’all know about A Film to Decrease Worldsuck? It’s an awesome documentary-in-progress created by nerdfighters about the story of Nerdfighteria, and they need your stories!

They interviewed a few of us fynf peeps at Vidcon about our tumblr and experiences with Nerdfighteria and are now accepting vlog submissions from you! For more information and updates, check out their tumblr, twitter, facebook, website, or these nifty graphics.

Thanks for the support everyone!


I just found out about this project and I think it's awesome! I only wish that I had known about it before Vidcon because I would have loved to have talked to you/been interviewed! My girlfriend and I would have really enjoyed talking about being in nerdfighterlike! Oh well... maybe we'll upload a vlog at some point. Best of luck with the rest of the project and DFTBA!

Thanks so much! We wish we’d seen you at Vidcon too! Maybe next year…

And you can definitely send us your vlog; we’d love to hear your story of being in Nerdfighterlike and use it in our film! 

Here’s the vlog submission form!

And if you’d like to talk with us more or get involved with the project, you can e-mail us at nerdfightersdocumentary@gmail.com


So I was just talking to Kayla on the phone because she made a vlog for her Nerdfighteria documentary which I will post more about later and I was like, “ALSKDAJF;LJA;DLSFKJA;DS.”

and she was like, “Wait are you excited because I talked about you in my video?”

and I was like, “YES. YOU PUT MY FACE IN IT.”

and she was like, “Well, you were my nerdfighter sire”

I cannot believe that just happened .




I don’t know why this is so funny to me.